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Thank You Sachin!

by Gaurav Sethi

For babysitting the tail – the pep talk, encouraging smiles, glove punches; seeing all that, I could’ve kept one end going for you. I really wanted to, but Mishra, Zaks, Ishant, Sree, they like to hang out with you too. For me, that’s the deal, you should want to hang out with your batting pardner - at the nightclub, gym, mall, beach – that translates into wanting to hang out in the middle.

And now I think, how the other batsmen babysit the tail -

Jatman – “You are a tailender, your batting is ordinary sh*t but you can improve by working on it here in the middle – I will not take a last ball single, I want you to bat the full next over (lapsing into Bhajans)

Gauti – EHHHH EHH EHH ok, understand? No? Viru was saying...

Dravid – Do you like reading books, Ishant? To get your mind off the bowling, concentrate on a good book you once read, it always relaxes me

Laxman – smiles

MSD – Tension mat ley, main dekh loonga (Don’t stress kid, I’m there)

Yuvi – f*ck you, I gotta bat with myself first

DKNY – ytyioujoklKLklk lklklkl ytyiookl yeah?

Bhajji – TMK Zaks, don’t talk to me like a tailender, I’m an allrounder

Zaks - *$# Bhajji, don’t treat me like a tailender, I’m a lower order batsman

PS: Thank You Sachin for your latest ton edition. You too can spank and thank Sachin here


namya said...



Laxman though says - I believe in your batting ability. I'll take a single of the first ball. All you have to do is play 5. Then I'll take a single again

Aditya said...

DKNY – ytyioujoklKLklk lklklkl ytyiookl yeah?

and Gauti – EHHHH EHH EHH ok, understand? No? Viru was saying..

Good ones!!

maybe DKNY will also say don't even think about reaching your highest score. I have to score all the runs!

raj said...

Theres a post waiting to be written in the DK_SRT series.
The one where DK gets out hastefuylly so that Sachin can get his century :-)

Gaurav Sethi said...

namya, very very mast ram and laxman too - two bros in one, where else

Aditya, acts like he got the runs. Shit what am I saying.

Raj, BossBK should hear about this one.