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This is Jatman speaking

by bored cricket crazy indians

Chittagong, Jan 16

Can Bangladesh surprise India?
"No. They can't beat us in Test matches…They can surprise you in ODIs but not in Tests."

"Because they can't take 20 Indian wickets. Even Sri Lanka found it difficult. Bangladesh can't. They are an ordinary side."

Where is Dhoni?
"He is taking a break".

Is he fine?
"He is enjoying himself. He is relaxing in the dressing room."

What's your thought on the pitch?
"I haven't seen it."

info from cricinfo


Cricket Tragic said...

Hah...short answers, yet to the point and blunt! I totally love Jatman! :D

Anonymous said...

I dont like it. Seems unlucky to say things like that.

Mahek said...

He better back it up this time otherwise he's going to look even sillier now that he's going to lead the side in the first test.

Naresh said...

He IS looking silly already - this is taking "singing bhajans while playing steyn" attitude too far.

raj said...

This is really funny. What is MSD's magic - apart from doing extremely well when he is there, how come the team fails so miserably when he is not there?

Anonymous said...

I thought it would be tempting fate too much. It is extremely funny. But all the same they bowled in good areas, that s all that matters not their past records or how their names are pronounced.

Homer said...

One day into the Test.. BD still have to take 12 wickets and score 1 run more than the Indians for Sehwag's comments to become mud.

Till that time, BD remain an ordinary side.