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Mr Has Been.

by Gaurav Sethi

This is funnier than anything Rowan Atkinson’s ever done. DKNY v Yusuf Pathan, two old timers here at Bored, going at each other with new found vigour, scoring hundreds like it was the done-thing. Would you like to place your order, sir – yes, I’ll have my hundred with milk and sugar.

DKNY has two tons so far, and if Yusuf faces 3 more balls, he’ll have a twin-set two. (think, 84 to a 100, Yusuf on strike, electronic bat in hand) While this may not do much for Yusuf’s immediate ODI chances, MSD could come knocking for a test spot. This Duleep Trophy final is a five day game after all.

Stranger things have happened in Indian cricket. And if Rohit Sharma makes his test debut tomorrow, so should you. Never mind who Che Pujara is, he only scores in local games. He’s not even played the IPL, got injured last time; and anyway, fat lotta good he would’ve done for the Knight Riders.

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