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Jatman: from the heart

by Bored Guest

I have still not made any changes in my Bored game team. But these @#$%* they dropped my trump player Che Pujara, good they lost. Playing Rohan Gavaskar instead of Che is like the Daredevils team playing my son 30 years later so I can have a smiling face in commentary and have Bhogle’s son talk about my favourite street food in Dilli.

Tomorrow we play the Mumbai Indians. I find their name really funny. It is like we should be called the Delhi Daredevils Indians. I’m looking forward to smashing their bowlers but I do not want to hurt Sachin’s feelings so I might even get out cheaply.

your man, jatman


Homer said...

Are you auditioning for a stand up comic?


Mahek said...

Jatman's always funny. Just like after the game in Ahmedabad when he said it didn't matter how far the boundary was. Why isn't there any needle between fans from various teams??? The only interesting incident was after the Mumbai-Punjab game in 2008 when Yuvraj gave it back to the fans.