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KhufiaBaaz: Murali's retirement plans

by KhufiaBaaz

The last time Sri Lanka played India in a test was December 2-6, 2009. The last time the two Siamese twins played in a one-dayer was Januray 13, 2010. The last time Murali played India in an ODI was Feb last year. What do you expect will happen?

Murali can’t take the enforced separation anymore. He has decided to retire from test cricket this October. He would have loved to go out playing India, but he’ll settle for the West Indies.

As for his one-day retirement, nothing less than playing for India will do. “It is the highest honour for a Sri Lankan cricketer", smiled Murali – adding that even if he isn’t picked for his last game, he will be glad to sit on the bench next to his Chennai Super Kings' skipper, MS Dhoni.

Murali further explains “With the IPL being an annual fixture, sitting on the sidelines with MS will be a great opportunity to strategise for our next IPL game”

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