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Mumbai Indian v Delhi Indian

by Gaurav Sethi

Bhajji retired hurt 8 (6), did not bowl, not to Yusuf Pathan, not to anybody. Amit Mishra 4-0-23-1, did not bat, though he held on to his helmet like a baby. And no, the helmet did not piss on him like a baby. Mishra has also started to appear in some DD ads, is that why he had his hair blowdried yesterday? No Mumbai Indians ad is complete without Bhajji. Clearly, Mishra still has a lot to learn from India’s leading spinner. More on Piyush Chalwa later.

(Unrelated but had to share, Dheeraj's FB status - Spare a thought for Yusuf Pathan. My comment: He doesn't think, why should we)

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