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Playing IPL instead of LSD at PVR.

by Gaurav Sethi

First it was Alice, who was in IPL-land. The evening show was cancelled. Little did the movie listings in HT City and Delhi Times know. Little did I know. PVR knew of course.

So what do I do next time – I check the PVR website – It confirms LSD @10.45 pm, Tuesday, 30th March, 2010. Turns out the PVR site is way off too. They don’t care to update. At the ticket counter they inform me there is no phone number to check timings. The website has it all. Yeah, I was checking the timings on BCC! and you guys are on LSD.

Unrelated, but I hear there aren’t many takers for the IPL at PVR – who in their right mind wants to watch the IPL with pricey popcorn and cola in a dark room with four signs showing you the door – EXIT.

I also hear pubs are sucking up with booze+khanna starting @600 bucks. I’m curious, where do you watch the IPL, boss – how much will you shell out? Show me the money.

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