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Yuvraj school of rock.

by Gaurav Sethi

Yuvraj wins the World Cup…er a match for Punjab. This is a special gift, that only a few special players have – Yuvi is one of them, Yuvraj Singh another. Whenever they win a game for India it is special – when they win one for their IPL team, it is doubly special. A reverse sweep down square leg, fine leg, third man – where the ##@ did it go, yaar? Yeah, CSK didn’t know either. They were looking like the game was over, which it was. Hayden’s face and bat both shrunk. Raina walked down to midwicket, and asked – “why did you do this to me?”

But Yuvi and Yuvraj Singh – how they barked at the impertinence of the press and twitter. He rolled all the worlds MCs, BCs into one big MCBC (it was heartfelt like some Ossibissa song) – but you won’t get the point, will you?

Earlier Yuvi had rolled his MCs BCs into one when that Bisla-who-does-he-think…refused him a suicidal single for the greater good of Yuvi and Yuvraj Singh’s Punjab. Bisla shrunk, he almost curled into his uniform and vanished. He then played a dot ball.

Worth a think, which was better – Yuvi lashing Bisla, or Yuvraj Singh lashing the world in that super over? Where is Bhajji when you need him?


Unknown said...

Haha, this was as random as it was funny!

Purna said...

Yuvi and Yuvraj?? I am confused..I really should start watching the IPL!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Hey Rishabh, Yuvi was just being himself - post match interview, his voice was fat too.

Purna, don't do anything you don't want to.