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Encounter with Prof. Deano

by K

Ran into former Aussie batsman Dean Jones at the Delhi Golf Club recently. Even as he was practicing his putting ahead of a Pro-Am event, I spotted him from a distance, walked up to him and here is what followed:

K: Hi Professor Deano. I'm Nikhil from the PGTI.

Prof Deano: Hi.. You can call me Deano.

K: Deano, d'yu know I'm the kid who was perhaps your team's biggest supporter during the 1987 Reliance World Cup final.

Prof D: Oh... So you're the one (laughs).

K: Deano, what d'yu have to say about the use of the Mongoose by Mr. Hayden?

Prof D: You know.. sporting equipment is getting bigger across various disciplines (eg. racquet heads in tennis, club heads in golf) but what's this guy upto? Doesn't make any sense to me..

To cut a long story short, we engaged in some more discussion on the IPL and on our favourite sport golf. But I soon realized that he takes his golf as seriously as he used to take his cricket.. I therefore left him in peace to practice his putting.

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