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One more batsman please

by Gaurav Sethi

At the team selections there was just one question that clinched it for the bowlers – does he bat? No, does he really bat? If India needs 9 runs of the 20th over in the semi finals, can he hit two boundaries under pressure?

Yes, I’ve seen him hit two fours under pressure.

Pick him, nothing more to ask.

Ok, and what about exhibit No. 2 – in addition to bowling how many runs has he scored in the IPL?

I remember, on one occasion he hit Ishant Sharma for 2-3 fours in an over.

In the IPL?

Yes, yes, in the IPL.

So, that means if India needs even 12 runs in the finals, and he’s in – he can do it.

Yes, yes. In fact there’s another batsman, even he hit Ishant Sharma for a lotta runs in one over.

Pick him also.

Problem, he’s retired from T20 internationals.

But he hit Ishant, yaar – convince him.

He’s a very big player.

Ok, pick the other one, the boy who bowls – even he can hit Ishant.

No one asked about his bowling form, his IPL run, when he last played for India, why he was dropped.

You can’t blame Piyush Chawla for making it the Caribbean. He’s just in the right team at the wrong time. As for Mishra and Ojha, there’s the IPL, and the odd ODI they play, the occasional test.

And they must work on their batting to be picked as the second choice spinners. Or is it third, fourth? Does Angad Bedi bowl, bring him on while you’re at it. Areh yaar, uske baap ko...


Aditya said...

In the current Squad its only Nehra that cant tonk Ishant for a few! Wonder why Irfan wasn't picked ahead of him!

Mahek said...

Because we already have Harbhajan, Chawla and Jadeja who can spin the ball. If need be we also have Yusuf, Yuvraj, Sehwag, Raina, Nohit. So why exactly do we need Irfan Pathan?

Aditya said...

We need Irfan for the batting! Who cares about whether our bowlers can bowl or not! It's the batting that is important!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Aditya, the day Irfan stops bowling, he'll be taken seriously as a batsman. He wasn't picked because the BCCI don't want the Indian team to be one big happy family.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Mahek, Yusuf aside, serious doubts how much Sehwag or the other guys will bowl. MS tends to take it easy on the batsmen when it comes to bowling - at least in ODIs off late, so chancing their arm in a T20 seems like a long shot.

Irfan as a middle order LHB brings more value as a bat than he's been given credit for.

Mahek said...

I know MS doesn't use them, I just wanted to bag Irfan because his bowling has been terrible. I wouldn't mind seeing him at number 6 instead of Yusuf, he's a much smarter batsman than his elder brother. But if we're picking on batting alone what's wrong with Kohli, Pandey and Uthappa? Or BossDK for that matter.