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Jatman: Proud to be an Indian.

by Bored Guest

I started with 6 players from DD in the Bored Game. But we kept losing so I had to rest some of these useless DD players – I was tempted to rest myself but it was my team. Anyway, I have still played only Indian players – my motto is simple, be Indian, pick Indian. And if you pick a firang, then they can always drop him at the last minute - look at Murali, at his age he doesn't deserve to be dropped. Dropping Murali is like dropping Anil Kumble. They are both very senior players with very senior egos. They may not show it on TV, but on the bench#@$%

Soon, not only my Bored Game team, but all IPL teams will have Indians playing. The foreigners will be there for drinks and sitting on the bench – anyway they sound very good on TV as they know better English than us. Of course when the telecast is in Hindi and regional languages we won’t even need them to serve drinks and talk to the firang commentators.

Your man, Jatman

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