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Rista cricket ka

by Gaurav Sethi

I had to get away from the Daredevils, their non-cricket cricket, so I landed up in Kashmir. At the J&K food stall in Dilli Haat there was this big flat LG screen, focussed on the cashman. Now I wanted to eat here, but then how will I watch – the cashman offered to tilt the TV my way, but I preferred the highway – I marched into the restricted staff area, pulled myself a chair, and sat me down alongside (which match was it?) – yeah checked, CSK vs KKR who were getting the bollocking of their life. Then came my Rista (meatballs in red gravy) with ½ plate rice. My meal was done by the 20th over of the 1st innings. I was over the Daredevils' defeat, and quite looking forward to KKR losing this one.

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