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The Ashes T20 Final

by raj

A year ago, we had proudly predicted an Ashes T20 Final but sadly it wasnt to be.

Never mind, Life always gives a second chance. So, we are on the brink of an ashes T20 final this time, and what's more, England are actually looking competitive.

Very often, when you watch re-runs of tournaments, hindsight provides you clues from the league and semis where the winning team had some magic moments. In 2007, it was the way providence kept saving India, with the Bowl-out win, Yuvraj going ballsitic when it looked like the total will just be competitive, and Rohit Sharma taking India to safety after a top order failure in the Semis. Then, there was Sreesanth with that delivery to Hayden.

So, this time I applied that hindsight in advance, and it seems to me that team that have had that magic this time are Australia. Thrice, their top order failed, and thrice, there was magic with someone or the other putting their hands up and rescuing them. Portents? I think so. I would be extremely surprised if Australia dont make it to the finals, atleast. Considering England's form, it wont be that big a surprise if they beat Australia in the finals. Nevertheless, it is going to be tough for England. They'll be hoping to have Pakistan in the finals. Lightning doesnt strike twice - I dont think Pakistan can repeat last year's feat. So, it is either England or Australia. An Ashes Final.

In retrospect, it is alleged that the 2007 T20 WC was fixed to revive Cricket in Sub-Continent. Should we do the same now if there is an Ashes final? Wouldnt it be a great fillip to England Cricket, if England win the WC now? I suggest let's all start using the same tactic as western media and allege that this was fixed to revive English T20 and LOI cricket :-)


Wes playforcountrynotforself said...

As much as it hurts me in the heart but it is true that AUS could be a little more consistent in their batting. "someone will do it" has worked for them so far but if they play against England medium-sized implosions will be fatal.


Pommy Power!!!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Got yr wish Raj

vmminerva said...

While there is pain on the allegations of the 2007 T20 WC, there is a part of you that asks, for at least one moment, what if it was?

I don't care about whether this is for Eng cricket's redemption. It's a world cup final. The stage is set; the pieces will move tomorrow; and we shall watch.