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Cricket mogul Mahek suspended in growing scandal.

by KhufiaBaaz

NEW DELHI (Rioters) - The head of the Indian Bored League (IBL) was removed from his post on Wednesday after a scandal that has ensnared top Bored Members and strained the ruling coalition.

Tax authorities are probing the less than two-year-old IBL, the game's least lucrative tournament, after Bored Members threatened to resign following allegations of improper influence.

Bored Cricket Crazy Indians (BCC!) axed Bored Game & IBL chief Mahek immediately after the final match of the 2010 series, past midnight, saying he had "brought a bad name to the administration of Bored and the game itself."

The widening scandal has sparked off tensions between the Congo and the Nationalist Congo Party (NCP), a key ally whose chief is seen close to Mahek, ahead of a possible confidence vote in parliament on Tuesday over high fuel prices.

While Mahek has not been formally charged and denies any wrongdoing, newspapers have said authorities were investigating reports of improprieties in bidding for teams and in negotiating television broadcast rights for the matches.

"The Bored looked into the allegations and took a decision to to issue a show-cause notice to Mr Mahek and pending inquiry, decided to suspend him," BCC! president Man-oh-R told a news conference in Mumbai.

The Bored’s probe would be dropped if Mahek convinced them of his innocence within two weeks, Man-oh-R said.

We have had some off-field unpleasant dramas only based on innuendos, half-truths and motivated leaks from all types of sources," Mahek told the crowd that had come for the IBL final on Sunday night.

"I assure you all decisions have been jointly taken by the governing council and approved by the general body in both year one and two of the IBL."

Mahek was replaced by a BCC! vice president, Chv Aditya, an engineer who is also on the IBL governing council.

(with thanks and apologies to CJ Kuncheria, Reuters)


King Viswa said...

Really liked it.


Aditya said...

The Bored Game Brand will take care of itself and there is no need to worry as we have comeback with a Bigger and Better edition of the Bored Game, which on 10 hours notice has 25 franchises already where as the previous edition with 1 week notice had just 41 by the end of the 60 match long tournament. I am confident that my previous experience will come in handy and we will get deliver! This Bored Game will be transparent and we at BCC! will work towards the best interests of the franchises.

Chairman and Commissioner
Bored Game : World T20 League

Thiru Cumaran said...

Found on the desk of the Off Cutter blog's office:

The fact that IBL Head, Mahek, ended up on the top of the rankings in the Cricinfo Fantasy Cricket Competition for the NZ-Aus tour clearly shows that his tentacles are not confined to the IBL. He is known to have paid all the NZ and Australia bowlers to bowl tripe for the 2nd T20 to ensure a thriller. He paid extra to the Australia bowlers to ensure that Brendon McCullum made a century.