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Dhoni and I are going to the dogs

by KhufiaBaaz

There is heavy movement on a post titled, Dhoni and I are going to the dogs. It is not what it seems. Off late, nothing is what it seems. There is more sleaze in the papers than in an IPL party or a post by me. Do I care for IPL parties? Yes I do, I like free Mojitos. With my Khufia look it's not easy to talk on the phone and drink at the same time, but I get by. I've never liked cricketers at IPL parties - they leave nothing for ordinary mortals like me. At one such party, I heard a boozed businessman cum fixer cum as you are laugh at a cricketer and his arm candy - Areh, dekho Arm Candy ke saath Arm Dandy. What does this have to do with MS? Precisely my point, people these days, they just love to make up stuff.

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