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Lalit Modi vs Lalit Kumar Modi

by KhufiaBaaz

In order to reply to Lalit Modi’s 15,000 page reply to their (BCCI’s) charge sheet, the BCCI is keen to hire the services of one Lalit Kumar Modi.

Lalit Kumar Modi will be hired for an undisclosed sum wherein the suspended Commissioner and Chairman IPL (Indian Premier League) will receive a reply of 30,000 pages from the newly appointed Commissioner and Chairman IPL (Indian Page League). When asked if Lalit Modi and Lalit Kumar Modi are indeed the same person, both Lalit Modi and Lalit Kumar Modi will refute the claims, issuing denials that will run into a few thousand pages.

It will be proposed that Idea Cellular's paper saving campaign sponsor the exchange between the two Modis. It’s possible the exchanges are moved, for security reasons to South Africa, to the town of Pietermaritzburg.

It's also possible that the Modis along with their lawyers jump off a train to commemorate the IPL's (Indian Page League) new chapter in South Africa.

Do not expect any comment from the locals, they will choke.

1 comment:

Som said...

Absolutely top notch. Brilliant!