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Chant "BCCI... BCCI" and not "India... India" while cheering for the men in blue

by K

While driving down home from work few days back, I heard this advert on the Radio where the guy was chanting "BCCI... BCCI" and "Go BCCI go". His logic was simple - since the men in blue play for BCCI and not for India there is no point in chanting "India... India" or "Go India go".

This advert really struck a chord with me as BCCI has refused to send its team for the Asian Games. So the men in blue are indeed a BCCI team not an Indian team. What a pity! The Asiad comes once in four years and it's unfortunate that our team will not get an opportunity to fight for the gold medal at the continent's biggest sporting extravaganza even as Pakistan and Sri Lanka send their full strength teams.

I understand that there is a problem with the cricketing schedule decided well in advance and as a result the New Zealand tour coinciding with the Asiad. But sorting out these kind of problems has never been an issue for the BCCI which arranged IPL 2 in South Africa within a month.

But why would they address this issue as there seems to be no material gain for them from the Asian Games. So I guess, finally India vs New Zealand or should I say BCCI vs New Zealand will take precedence over the Asiad.

Sorry Chacha Nehru. I know you were one of the brains behind the concept of the Asian Games in the 1950s, but today it's some of your own partymen or ex-partymen running the BCCI, who don't give a damn about your ideals.

No problem BCCI. Indian sports is rocking even without you and I am confident that the Indian contingent will still win atleast 15 golds at this year's Asiad.

Shame on you BCCI (Michael Moore style) as it's not only about the gold medals but also about the attitude.

Jai Hind


Mahek said...

There could be a number of reasons for the BCCI not sending a team. I don't want to discuss them as it's futile. Funny thing is I haven't seen an itinerary for either the men or the women. But then the board is adept at scheduling ad-hoc series.

I wonder how Sri Lanka and Pakistan will send their best side. They're supposed to be playing West Indies and South Africa respectively.

Ram5160 said...

Who cares? At least we are spared another IND - SL match.

Ankit Poddar said...

what i dont understand frankly is that BCCI could have sent an A or B team, even if the senior team was busy... the spirit of sports should have upheld..

or if they had to show their might in the Asian games, they could have sent the A team on the prior decided tour

3xsoncalvary said...

What I dont understand is whats stopping the IOA from constiuting a team and sending it anyway to the Asiad.

The BCCI, being a non-state actor CAN certainly be prevented from taking action against players who voluntarily choose REAL national duty (which the Asiad will count as) as opposed to the BCCI organized tours.

Why not let the players choose? The money may not be good on an asiad but I'm sure an Asian Games medal is a big enough carrot even these days.