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Last and final call for Amit Mishra

by bored cricket crazy indians

Is Mishra fast going the Bhajji way?

He’s gone beyond the customary designer stubble and grown a beard. He also seems angrier, good for him, there’s that leader of the pack vibe too, he’s just not taking wickets. It’s been two games, he has one wicket against Zimbabwe. And for that wicket, nobody knows what he bowled, not the batsman, not the commentators, not Mishra? Either way, he didn’t bowl it again. It would’ve been wrong on many counts.

What’s also wrong are Mishra’s lines, going the Bhajji way, down middle and leg – his analysis are starting to resemble Bhajji’s too – none for forty of ten; the most economical bowler, no wickets. And where is that sharp spinning leg-break – in a safe house for the test matches? Could we have the ripping googly back please? You are Amit Mishra – and not some imposter?

There’s something wrong and I don’t know what it is – the wrist? The arm? The mind? Playing second fiddle to Bhajji for too long can be devastating. Not playing at all, can be worse. And when you do, in the IPL, your team asks you to bowl leg stump lines to Gayle and Ganguly.

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