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Shoaib Akhtar & Bhajji get it off in the middle and elsewhere at the team hotel

by Gaurav Sethi

That was during the game, but here's what happened after the game at the team hotel

Bhajji: Yaar Shoiab, you were sexy

Shoiab: Noh maan you were verry cool man you were so much hot tension in the middle

Bhajji: Sachin told me you gotta play hard in the middle

Shoaib: You were hard mate

Bhajji: You were hard too yaar

Shoaib: Still friends mate always mates man

Bhajji: You are like my bara pra

Shoiab: Don't make me blush mate thanks mate so sweet of you mate

Bhajji: Don't call me mate, I won game call me checkmate

Shoiab: Ok checkmate mate whatever man cool man

Bhajji: Tell me yaar how was it like to be lifted by SRK

Shoiab: Very emotional moment for me personally checkmate mate man

Bhajji: Why do you always talk like an a**h**le talk straight yaar

Shoiab: That was not very straight checkmate mate man

Bhajji: Good joke yaar

Shoiab: What joke, serious, I'm a saying it like I saw it now don't make me a joker

Bhajji: (aside) What a loser...Ok bye Shoaib, Yuvi wants to wish me...

Shoaib: Say Hi to Yuvi mate I mean checkmate

Bhajji: Haha Yuvi is saying Hi Hi Shoaib

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