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And now Raina says Thank You Sachin!

by bored cricket crazy indians

Soon after his debut hundred, still in his ice bath, this is what Suresh Raina said:

"It was a pressure situation I was feeling the nerves since we had lost the first Test. He came up to me and just told me to enjoy, to choose my shots wisely, to just hang in there. He said, 'no matter what else you do in life, your first Test will always be special, so make it count.' Test cricket is about confidence, about grinding it out. It was a huge learning curve for me. I enjoyed it immensely."
And this is what Thank You Sachin said:

"I just tried to make him feel comfortable. He showed character and that is important."

And this is what BCC! says:
Thank You @Girsubra for "@BoredCricket Folks ,its time for another 'Thank you Sachin' Post.This time for Suresh raina"

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