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Balls to Sehwag

by Gaurav Sethi

Bedi’s gone and said, what quite a few of us, including SP and me have felt for a long time. Why didn’t we say it before – how could we, we were too busy aimlessly targeting Bhajji, better judgment failed us.

But Bedi is different, in spite of his son’s misdemeanors at the IPL, he still can tell an off-spinner from an off-darter. Here’s what he said –

“I think Sehwag is probably the best offspiner in the Indian team. He has a clean action and also spins the ball”

Point taken, and Bhajji taken along with it. But when does Sehwag bowl – rarely. If it’s not a shoulder injury, it’s his arm that’s hurting. Either that, or MS Dhoni has underbowled him. Better to underbowl Sehwag that overbowl him, next thing you know, he’ll have trouble lifting his bat.

But when Sehwag bowls, he looks like a bowler more in the classical mode. At times I’ve had to adjust the picture tube, because we go all sepia when he comes on. He’s that pretty to watch, and he wears his cap, his hair, anything, that bindaas he is.

There’s that elusively slow, easy run-up from a few paces, like a languid morning stroll, then that charming action, the release, the flight, landing, smart lengths – damn, it’s time for Sehwag to abandon batting, just bowl Jatman.

And then he can be almost as good as Bhajji, the next great bowling all-rounder. Another train of thought, Sehwag in the middle order? But that’s another post.


straight point said...

if only indian cricket took bedi seriously... :)

straight point said...

if only indian cricket took bedi seriously... :)

Gaurav Sethi said...

Unlikely, he's been too honest for their liking.

vmminerva said...

"going sepia", nice way to say it. Finally folks are noticing what you folks have to say :) Cheers!