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KhufiaBaaz: I was at Dhoni’s engagement!

by KhufiaBaaz

So was Dhoni. As was Nehra, who finally congratulated MS for catching something. Raina was nodding on the side and Bhajji was revving up the Hummers. There’s been enough breaking news about the girl, the location, menu, cost per plate, distance from Dehradun, so I won’t stoop that low with stupid details. I’ll just tell you this, the party’s still on – it was a football theme, the girl’s side were dressed in Argentina and the boy’s side in Germany. MS joked after Germany won, “ after all I have won her over, that's why we are dressed in German colours, after all”.

Bhajji did a dance number to Howzaat masti remix, and Raina moved to We are the Champions. The couple posed with the IPL trophy; and there was video con with Lalit Modi, who couldn’t make it as he was in South Africa.

That’s it for now, excuse me while I get myself some chhachh. Cheers  dears!

(ok, her name is Sakshi Rawat and not Rakhi Sawant)


Madhav said...

Congratulations to Dhoni !!

Nice Post too.

KhufiaBaaz said...

Thanks Madhav