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Muralitharan to retire. Muralidaran to stay on.

by Gaurav Sethi

For long, Murali’s had me flummoxed, and I’ve not even faced him. What’s with the two names, champ? I usually don’t address anybody as champ, chief, big guy, but Murali earns it. More than the bowling, it’s his batting. That was entertainment, paisa vasool. It’s guys like Murali and Walsh, and their batting that made me loathe the super sub rule. They are the originals, genuine nutcases.

And when you’re done with his batting, it’s that disarming smile – why did they not use him against the Tigers? Beyond the wild smiles, his laidback chat – didn’t he always seem a few beers down? What more can you ask in a cricketer, and those eyes – it’s like he was bowling three balls at you.

Come to think of it, the world records, chucking, they just don’t go with him. Murali was always too cool for professional sport; he just seemed like some guy you played with in the neighbourhood park.

He has that likable way, as does Jayasuriya. And even though both could have retired long way back, it’s tough for a team let go of its teddy bears.

Heck, don’t put it beyond them to continue to accommodate Sanath and Murali somehow. Sanath to help politicize cricket, and Murali, well, he could be the T20 batting coach.

But I do think he will make an ace administrator – Australia can do better, push Murali instead of that Howard guy.

1 comment:

crownish said...

He's the last of the great test bowlers, not just for SL but across the world. No sane bowler's gonna play tests for so long anymore and this is gonna leave a huge gap in the soul of the game.