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A Quick One While I'm Away

by bored cricket crazy indians

Some top quality fast bowling this week. First the awesome Aamer-Asif-Gul trio giving it to the Aussies . Then Malinga yesterday. The man makes for compelling television. What a spell that was last evening !

I thought we'd produced a couple of toe-crushing yorker bowlers ourselves but realised I was wrong. I mean , none of the injuries to our 'non-spin' bowlers can be attributed to the batsman driving it straight back to their toes.

Gotta feel for young Abhimanyu who has now entered the chakravyu of indian non-spin bowling. The spiral goes like this : 135 kmph (at which point the indian media declare the arrival of a new speed sensation)- 130 kmph - 125 kmph - 120 kmph - oblivion.

Talking of which , I thought it was hallucinations from an overwrought week for me but it was a ghost called Ishant Sharna alright. Come back to haunt the cleaners once again.

by Bhaskar Khaund

PS : hope I got the poor sweet dear's name right - or was it irfan patel ?

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