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Player Profile: Ajantha Mendis

by Gaurav Sethi

Once there was a mystery spinner called Ajantha Mendis. He bowled the carom ball, ludo ball, snakes and ladders ball, but pushed it too far when he tried the monopoly ball. The BCCI reprimanded him, proclaiming cricket as a democratic sport

On his day, Mendis ran through the Indians, most of whom didn’t read him, while the ones who did, like Sehwag and Gambhir weren’t into reading. When Mendis ceased to be a mystery spinner he became a mystery batsman. He wielded the bat as if it were a ball. Not easy, but when you wear short sleeves, anything’s possible including a mind altering 10th wicket partnership against the Indians. In 2010, it came to light that the repetitive India-Lanka series were being played because the chief office bearers of both the BCCI and SLC were under the hypnotic spell of Mendis.

Nowadays Mendis spends his time perfecting mystery fielding drills like the hoopla catch and the cobra chase, the latter entails Ajantha in a hood snapping at the ball with his mouth, leaves batsmen mesmerized, causing mid-pitch collisions followed by run-outs.

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