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Player Profile: Mohammad Aamer

by Gaurav Sethi

Aamer is a very good reason to believe in the future of cricket. Till he came along, one summer’s day in 2009, Pakistan’s bowling was either injured or drugged. He was also one of the few 17 year olds in Pak cricket who didn’t look 25. Aamer brought with his bowling, guile, bounce, swing, speed, and the glide in his follow through. As a lefthander, with a quick, zippy run-up and action, comparisons with Wasim bhai were obvious, and for once, not misplaced. Most impressive in Aamer’s bowling repertoire, is his uncanny ability to glide right into dismissed batsmen. His charge into Ponting, earned plaudits the world over. As a batsman, he can be both dismissive and much more matured than his team’s idiot middle order. Should be cloned, he is all that Pakistan cricket needs.

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