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Cutting short a game

by Gaurav Sethi

Clearly, the brothers Pakistan and India have some bloody old feud with cricketing formats. While Pakistan refuses to play out test matches, India has a score to settle with the one day game.

Pakistan gave us 72 and some, India gives you 88. A 50 over game has its pitfalls, one way to counter them is, refuse to play the 50 overs.

India did just that, 29.3 overs, thank you, this is the first game, we’re done. Lalit Modi had an IPL after party lined up at the hotel. And going by India’s show, he had a pre-match party too.

In a way, it’s not such a bad thing really. Why try, when you know defeat is imminent. And nobody wins batting second in Dambulla, at least not India.

The margin of defeat, bonus point, all could knock India out. Again, not such a bad thing really, it’s just another Micromax Cup.

Tony Greg, Russel Arnold, Atul Wassan, Haha Arun Lal, Nohit Sharma, Yuvraj Singh why wouldn’t you want to finish early?

Bored aside: There was something about MSD's runout, reminded me of Afridi's, a while back...just saying.

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