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No more India Sri Lanka games?

by KhufiaBaaz

Going by the ICC international calendar, tomorrow’s tri-series final between India and Sri lanka could be the last time the two nations play each other in a long time. There is no scheduled game this year, what, the two teams aren’t even in the same group in the World Cup next year. So if they play each other, it may only be in the quarters or semis or finals of the World Cup – and the quarter finals start on 23rd March, 2011. Tomorrow is 28th August, 2010, how many months between tomorrow’s game and the next possible game – nearly 8 months, and even then it’s not a certainty.

Which explains why the BCCI and SLC bosses have worked out a fresh plan for more cricket between the two teams. The Champions League (September 10-26th) is the perfect time, it doesn’t clash with the ICC Calendar yet provides a window for a 7 match one-day series between India and Sri Lanka.

While players from Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians, Bangalore Royal Challenegers, and Wayamba will not be available for the initial part of the one-day series, if and when their teams are eliminated, they will join their teammates on national duty.

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