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Sehwag's Accord

by KhufiaBaaz

Delhi's rains like to mess with the drainage so the drainage can mess with your car. After the driver sunk the Civic in the Delhi roads-waterway, he reported to the Honda service station where a monster estimate greeted him. Depressed, he found comfort in seeing Sehwag’s Accord there. She too had drowned on the waterway, off RK Puran apparently – when Sehwag Jr was returning from school with the driver. Water entered engine, paralyzed the electricals leaving Jatman Junior locked in. Eventually the window had to be broken to get the little fellah out. Bad rains, harming car, troubling Sehwag ka bacchca! Lesson learnt: drive carefully, not just in Dambulla, but in Dilli too.

1 comment:

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