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We revealed FIP's identity before FIP revealed it himself.

by bored cricket crazy indians

Clue posted here on Bored, on May 15, 2009


FIP is
In advertising
A Bengali in Bangalore
Initials are AM

Fact: FIP is Anupam Mukherji (AM) is a bong, in advertising, in Bangalore.

On Bored, April 29, 2009.


Royal Challengers Bangalore v Kolkata Knight Riders at Durban - Apr 29

Dear Fake,
How does it feel to have your teams play each other?

Fact: FIP’s a Bong who lives in Bangalore

On Bored, April 27, 2009.


Dear Fake,
I've been in advertising too.
yours truly,

Fact: We're both from advertising

All clues on FIP's identity.

AM, care to reveal more of yoursef? Do come and blog on Bored.

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