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Why are Pakistan still batting

by Gaurav Sethi

Sanakazmi on twitter: This is the first day of this series that pakistan did not bowl. though the bowlers did most of the batting.

I leave Pakistan for a few hours, return, and what do I see – they haven’t been bowled out. From hobbling at barely 1 run per over, they’ve shot up to 2.5 rpo. My favourite Pakistani cricketer, sad faced Saeed Ajmal tops a five-for with a fifty.

Let's declare this tailender week – Mishra, Mithun, Mendis, and now not just Ms, Ajaml too. If you can’t bat, now is the time to bat.

Beyond the funnies, it has to be the kid we all just got to know personally. His story’s out on cricinfo, and what a story it is, there’s a feature right there – and he’s already the star. Name like a conqueror, Zulkarnain Haider, battler, keeper, batsman, tall boy, Lahore da munda. If you missed his knock, you want to watch it. Feel good he asked for that referral, and was given not out. You will also urge him towards a hundred on debut.

88 runs, 276 minutes, 200 balls, take a bow, boy. You are much more a man than some of your teammates. Here’s to the fight in a cricketer, here’s to Zulkarnain Haider.

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