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by Bored Guest

by Kartik Chintamani
As Sunny once said... I was the king of park cricket... But that bloody Lalit Berry always got me with his beamers.


Govind Raj said...

What will you call those who have fixed all the Salmans and Ejazs of Pakistan Cricket ?

"Butt Busters" !

And what do you get by busting ?

A lot of "Butt Shit"

Gaurav Sethi said...

Welcome on Bored, Kartik!

Unknown said...

Britty bought a Butt of butter but the Butt of butter was bitter... Britty likes it with smoked Salman me thinks... Ok enough 'pun'ishment

Bhaskar Khaund said...

:) very brittle butt we like ,you bet !