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The English Dada's Retirement.

by Gaurav Sethi

Yesterday, Ganguly (@Dadahere) was overactive on twitter. After a few inane tweets aimed at Dada, I checked out his twitter profile.

Dada’s profile said ‘Sourav Ganguly retired Indian Cricketer.’ Now I’ve known that Sourav’s been long retired, but seeing the word retired under his name, did make me feel a warped sense of nostalgic loss.

And now Flintoff’s gone and pulled off a Dada, and some more; he’s retired from all forms of cricket. It’s not as if we didn’t know that Freddie wasn’t going to play any more cricket, it was just left unsaid in print.

Deal with @Dadahere and Freddie there, they’re way beyond their average numbers. We can fight them with numbers, but it’s no good. If they didn’t make any runs, or take any wickets it didn’t matter – what mattered was the hope we put in these guys, we urged them, and secretly always knew they could do so much more.

Every bad run was just that. Comebacks were invented for them. Cricket was created to serve them. So when Freddie retires from all forms, you naturally feel bad.

There are those that will laugh at his injury ridden career. I’ve done that, but not today. Today I salute the great big English boy who made bowling through the pain-barrier a fucking art form. All that was missing was a bleeding big toe through the front shoe tear.


mumbiker said...

Hey guys, this is a cool blog. Kinda weird I hadn't stumbled upon it till now!

straight point said...

we will wait for tomorrow then...