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Player Profile: Sourav Ganguly

by Bored Guest

Dada hated running between the wickets especially when his partner at the crease was Kaif or Yuvraj. That is why he liked batting alongside V.V.S. Laxman and secretly hoped that Inzamam was an Indian. This was good for India because Dada belted a lotta boundaries, especially on the off side.

Dada once went an entire English summer without shaving his chest and
when he thought the time was right he proudly displayed it on the Lord's
balcony. He introduced a number of new traditions to the job of the captain like continually arriving late for the toss.

He also led India to the World Cup finals for the first time in 20
years leading by example with the bat and successfully hiding himself
when on the field.

Dada has tremendous support in his home state of West Bengal which
used to light up like a torch any time any one suggested dropping him
from the team. On lazy afternoons in Kolkata, Dada fans are known to
walk with thumbed up noses in the general direction of Bangalore and
sometimes even Australia.

Pranav thought he'd play for India. An honest self evaluation of his cricketing talents made him realize that he would do well if he made the playing 11 of his college team for 2 consecutive games. 
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Gaurav Sethi said...

Welcome on Bored Pranav. Real chestnut our Dada was.

Govind Raj said...

Hahaha Pranav !

This is a Class piece on a Class Player !

Dada was my favorite before he started playing 'Politics' instead of Cricket !

But not a living organism ever managed to hit Shaun Pollock over the extra-cover for a six; Except Dada !

Long after we forget those off-drives, Dada will still be remembered for 3 things ...

1] Teaching Team India to stand up and be counted while on tour.

2] Lifting World Cricket in general and Team India in particular from the gloom of Match-fixing.

3] For being the first Indian Captain who saw beyond his own state and zone !

Pranav Bhandarkar said...

@Govind: Agree on all three counts. If you get a chance read Harsha Bhogle's tribute to Dada (Thats if you havent already ;) )