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Look who's on Test Match Sofa today

by bored cricket crazy indians

Bored Peon+Bored Neon, Jatman, Che Pujara, Shite Bhai, Nohit Sharma, KhufiaBaaz, Yawn T Roads, BossDK, Ijaz's Butt, Salman's Butt and everything that belongs to the Bored Cricket Crazy Indians - bring your heart and ears along - Lunch break today, 11.35 am types. Listen to us play with cricket on Test Match Sofa.


Sujan Rao said...

Will stay tuned ! :)

Legsidelizzy said...

Looking forward to hearing it, I'm not on the sofa tomorrow did a stint today and will be on tomorrow.

Really enjoying this test match. Despite the ludicrously early morning starts!