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PUJARA ... I First Heard it Here. On Bored.

by Q

The first time I heard about Cheteshwar Pujara, it was here. On Bored.

Actually, the only place I used to hear about Pujara was here. On Bored.

No online forum, to my knowledge, had promoted Pujara as fiercely as the people on Bored.

The people here at Bored were pushing him harder than anyone; calling for his inclusion into the Indian team since 2008, or even earlier.

I used to hear frequently from a number of the Bored Bloggers about how heavily Pujara was scoring in domestic cricket, how he is the future Indian batting star, how he should be in the team... and a lot of other high praise.

I had never seen him bat.

I had browsed through a few domestic scorecards to see the heavy scoring he was doing, but that was it.

It was Bored that kept on informing me about Pujara's progress.

Fast forward to now and the entire media is raving about Pujara's match winning second innings knock against Australia.

I watched the highlights, not to see how India thrashed the Aussies, but to see how good Pujara's innings was.

And boy did he live up to every single word that I had read about him here. On Bored.

I'm sure all those Bored members who have spoken highly of him are extremely proud today.

As is the new Indian batting star - Cheteshwar Pujara.

To Bored, he was and is known as CHE.

Now, the world knows him as CHE!


pRAFs said...

The Power of Che has brought Q back!

Welcome back Q, old chap

Govind Raj said...

Though I have heard and read of Pujara long before I became a follower of BCC!, it is here that I saw real support for Che.

Somehow I was wondering the likes of Virat, Rohit and even Jadeja were getting more support from selectors.

In IPL-2, Che played a damn good innings in the practice match. But he never got the support from Ganguly.

I had started to wonder if Che will always remain on the fringes.

And then I saw BCC! promoting Che in spite of selectors of the BCCI not doing so.

Finally the BCCI has been forced to accept what BCC! has been advocating since 2008. Che is the future of Indian Batting !

Che is here to Stay :-)

Congrats SP, NC and every Bored Member ! Thanks for the support for the boy who will be the Man to watch !

Sujan Rao said...

Here I've uploaded our own Che Pujara's 72 vs Australia Video