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Bhajji inspires McCullum, Gayle and other needy cricketers

by Gaurav Sethi

At Ahemedabad, Bhajji clocked 69, time for McCullum to make a 65. Now at Hyderabad, Bhajji got himself some pearls and a 111, in return, Mc smiled at him when he mistimed a swat sweep. The cosmic connection between the two was obvious. Didn’t you see Bhaj pat Mc when he made that hundred? Clearly Mc was indebted to Bhaj for showing him the way - how to bat when your primary skill has been nothing but a secondary skill all along.

While Bhajji still bowls, but not really, McCullum has given up the gloves. One day, Bhajji will play as a middle order batsman and a change bowler. While McCullum looks forward to the day when he can bat sans gloves – they remind him too much of that keeping business. “Can’t I just bat in tattoos??”

Gayle too followed suit, dropping some skill they call captaincy. “If bhaji man can gt a hundred, I gt me a double hundred lol” he tweeted between 6s. And later added, "some wicb dude fave song iz god iz a DJ so v gt dj sammy as god of the team lol”

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hope he inspires african bowlers to take wickets tomorrow :-))