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The curious case of Jaidev Unadkat

by KhufiaBaaz

Saurashtra’s strike bowler Jaidev Unadkat is not playing for his state team, so he cannot play for the national side. In a devious ploy, Unadkat was picked as Zak’s replacement for the 3rd test in Nagpur. You know he’s not going to make the final eleven before Sreesanth, Ishant, Bhajji and Ojha. But he will make the bench alongside his Saurashtra mate Che Pujara. With both their strike bowler and batsman on the Indian bench, no wonder Saurashra’s been having a rough time off late. Well done, Cheeka, you couldn’t have picked a weaker team to play your side. For the record, Tamil Nadu 582/4 declared vs. Saurashtra 246/4. Btw Ravindra Jadeja also plays for Saurashtra, he bats at No. 4. Whatever.

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