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An interview with Deepak Chahar (and his high standards)

by KhufiaBaaz

KhufiaBaaz: Deepak Chahar, how does it feel?

Deepak Chahar: To be honest, I’m quite depressed.

KB: Depressed, but why?

DC: Er…if you look at Hyderabad’s score, and my analysis, I conceded nearly half their runs

KB: Isn’t that being a little tough on yourself

DC: No, not really. I feel worse for Pankaj Singh, he not only conceded more than half the teams’ runs, he hardly took any wickets…

KB: Please…what did you expect..

DC: 10 Wickets and much fewer runs… Anil Kumble is my idol

KB: But 8 for 10 on debut is…

DC(interrupting): I would have preferred 10 for 8

KB: What else can we look forward to from Deepak Chahar…

DC: I’d like to score a century on debut, take a one handed somersault catch on the boundary and yeah, a direct throw run-out from the boundary would be nice too

KB: Are you missing something

DC: Yes, I would also like to be the umpire…so in the second innings I record a perfect ten

Deepak Chahar on debut, for Rajasthan vs. Hyderabad: 7.3 overs - 2 maidens - 10 runs - 8 wickets. Nobody's perfect.


Sujan said...

This kid has become a star in few hours. I'm not getting to watch the video of his bowling.

Homer said...

Who does he think he is, Ricky Ponting?

Unknown said...

Seriously, I want to watch this! Good pitch, decent batting line-up, and medium-pace (as Cricinfo says). One of those once-in-a-century flukes or is he THAT good?

butjazz said...

That Rajasthan went on to score 220/2 soon after clarifies that there were no real devils in the wicket. So the pitch cannot really be blamed... may be Chahar is indeed very good.

Sujan said...

Yeah! Flicked the video atlast :)