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The Chennai Pitch is Unacceptable : ICC

by Crownish

The ICC's Global Committee for Excellence and High Standards in Pitches was unimpressed by the Chennai pitch on which the last ODI of the India- New Zealand series was played on Friday.

The clean shaven executives of the G.C.E.H.S.P noted that nine wickets fell to spinners for just 96 runs at a venue which will be hosting the ODI World Cup matches in two months time. They stressed that the both teams and pitches need to last 100 overs to match the expectations of the entertaining contests that previous editions of the World Cup have set.

Brushing aside the overcast conditions on the day, poor shot selection and umpiring mishaps, the executives said that a pitch which provides an unfair advantage to any one skill set such as spin bowling is detrimental to the health of the game. "It significantly reduces the span of a game and cheats the paying public of their money's worth of entertainment, regardless of whether the players involved manage to make a game of it or not" said one unnamed clean shaven executive.

The extent of action the committee might take on the substandard pitch is unclear, also unclear is when the next step might be taken given the paucity of time before the mega even kicks off in February.

Nevertheless, nervous officials await further communication from Dubai.

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