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Player Profile: Gautam Gambhir

by Gaurav Sethi

You don’t talk or write or listen to Gambhir. Though once when he called an ordinary team just that, everyone took notice. Then he took off for his sister’s wedding, when he himself was married to the form of his life. Gambhir is like that, he comes and goes, unnoticed. But while he’s there, you watch. You watch for a cricketing exhibition at a scientific art gallery – laser beam square cuts, fish dance on water foot-movements down the track, he always got the spinners by the balls, not a cuddle, a tight squeeze.

Then he shows his human side, and glides one to the slips. Then he returns, bats days, saves games, takes on the counter, partners Viru, and recently even led the team. He prefers to keep his mid off wide. He brings continuity to form, strings scores like a pearl necklace.

He is no better at the catwalk than Kumble, but like Anil, Gautam too, is more a cricketer than anything. He is the real fucking deal.


Crownish said...

felt I should bring this up: my ode to a Gambhir innings

Govind Raj said...


He has tried to copy the art of Sehwagging from his partner in crime, Veeru !

But there can only be one Sehwag and only he is allowed to be THAT.

When Gautam called RR ordinary team, he went a bit too far. He ended up in the pit of the IPL track with players like Sehwag, AB, Dilshan and himself !

Somehow, loud mouths and arrogant players don't do well in Indian scenario. They are better off being Australians. Ask Ponting. He was better off as the arrogant b-s-a-d.

I pity the current Pricky and almost yearn to see the old one so that I can fill in the blanks above without any feeling of guilt !

Som said...

To be honest, he looked a much better captain than in IPL. Maybe the absence of prima donnas made things easy. But it was a revelation indeed. Even the Super Dan paled in comparison!

Golandaaz said... are compelling me to relook at him. Real Deal...hmmm may be. I will wait till after SA, Australia and England

Unknown said...

Som, I completely agree... It was refreshing to see his field settings, especially to the spinners. I don't ever remember Dhoni being as attacking as GG was.

I didn't think much of his captaincy for Delhi Daredevils... but he has definitely impressed here!

Govind Raj said...

Any Captain can be impressive against this listless and luckless Kiwis.

They got all the rough decisions with Umpiring this time. That made matters worse.

But they are a much better team than what we have seen here !

Gaurav Sethi said...

Crownish, good stuff, pics taken by you?

Gaurav Sethi said...

GR, His comment was totally outta character. Must have been Viru the ventriloquist.

"loud mouths and arrogant players don't do well in Indian scenario" Bhajji.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Som, weird but true. like to see him captain India against stronger sides like CSK.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Gol, obviously NZL, Zim, Bang, SL not enough for you.

Crownish said...

GR, what Viru did against the Toygers, Gauti did against the Royals. And both were true only difference being Delhi couldn't match his talk.

His captaincy was definitely much better than it was in the IPL. Hopefully he'll chip in with ideas when Dhoni comes back.

NC, I'm afraid they're from Cricinfo.