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Sachin Tendulkar on his 49th and 50th test hundreds

by KhufiaBaaz

“It’s just another number for me”. That’s what you’ve heard Sachin say. What you haven’t is this –“my 49th hundred was very special, it was not just another number…I still remember, it was 9th October in Bangalore, we were playing Australia and we beat them but here we could lose to South Africa and in two months time I’d like to forget all about this hundred and the bad memories attached to it…it’s just another number for me” Sachin added again. "But the 49th was the reason I interacted with a lotta weirdos who kept asking me about the 50th (which I kept telling them, was just another number) – anyway, most of these weirdos knew nothing about cricket, they were being paid to ask me about my 50th – so I would ask them what do you think of my 49th hundred…and one guy actually said, oh that one, wasn’t that the first double hundred in a one-day game? Of course talking about the 49th hundred, which incidentally, was a double hundred, made me write to the ICC to reconsider double hundreds as two hundreds – that way I could have been at 50 hundreds already (which is just another number for me)..."

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