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The new IPL Play Off Format - The solution that makes the problem worse!

by raj

Courtesy a friend of mine, I am just posting one scenario in which the brand new format, a solution from IPL honchos to the problem faced earlier when a team that emphatically topped the group only to lose in the Semis in a two-hour heist.
I think it can make it worse with a scenario where an even bigger injustice can be done. I will edit this later to add my summary on why this is so but here;s the scenario for now

League Stage
MI - 1st - 24 Points
CSK - 2nd - 16 points
RCB - 3rd - 16 Points
KKR - 4th - 16 Points
Say, it is like this:
MI beat CSK in both league games and finish first in the group stages:

Game A - MI vs CSK (1st vs 2nd) - Winner goes to the final. Say MI is the winner .
Game B - RCB vs KKR (3rd vs 4th) - Winner goes to Game C. Say RCB is the winner.
Game C - CSK vs RCB (Game A loser vs Game B winner). Winner goes to the final. Say CSK is the winner .
Final - MI vs CSK.

Suppose CSK wins final

As I said, in this scenario, a team that has outshone all others through the tournament, and also played a one-off crunch game(play off) and beaten an opponent (already crushed by them in 2 league games)in that crunch game.
What are you telling them now? One MORE crunch game.

This is a bit like playing the tournament until your #2 wins a singe game against #1 and calling a stop when that happens, literally. In no way can we tell that #2 had proven themselves in crunch situations better than #1 nor can we say that #2 had a overall good record compared to #1.

This is clearly injustice, far worse than what happens when a #1 team loses a one-off semi finals(one CRUNCH game) after topping the group. Here, #1 won the group convincingly, won a crunch game, and still were told, win one more game. I just don't see it as #2 is better than #1 in any aspect at all, including facing crunch situations.

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VanDiablo said...

Errr.. What?

raj said...

Never mind

Mahek said...

By the same logic, MI have a buffer if they get hustled by CSK in the first playoff game. What if they were playing a semifinal against a team they'd crushed twice and lost? They'd be out of the tournament.

Golandaaz said...

you simply assumed that this is the problem the IPL wanted to solve.

I think this format gives incentives to finish at the top and not just make the playoffs.

I believe the motivation is entirely different from what you claim. Unless you were trying to be funny and I missed the joke

Anonymous said...

i dont understaaa....zzzzz...zzzzzz

amalji said...

Stupid article. Top team has a 2nd chance even if they lose the first play off. That's the reason why this format exists. Your article doesn't touch any of the reasons why this format is made for.

Anonymous said...

Stupid logic and stupid post.. but it did one good thing.. helped me understand about the new playoff format..

Utkarsh Kumar said...

the only thing this post did is it explained to me the playoff format.
Other than that.. i don't understand a word in this blog.
Surprisingly this is a top result in google when one searches :- ipl playoff rules

Anonymous said...

Stupidest logic ever! I googled the playoff format and this came up first, did answer my question and quite agree with this format! But wanna slap the poster lol