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Drunk Cricket - New Year Celebration BCC! style

by pRAFs

No going off for bad light

 So you and your yaars haven't got drunk in a while, haven't got the time to discuss (force your opinion on) cricket with the mohalla cricket team, and it's been ages since you last played a game of cricket.

The Solution to your quandary is a Night Cricket match on 31st December

The plan
1) Get the guy who did the Christmas decorations to put up a bunch of Halogens in your backyard
2) Fill up an ice box with beers to last the night for you and the mates,
3) order some chicken from a local restaurant (okay make it truckloads of chicken and a tonne of chips)
and VOILA!

The Drinkers' 9 or  6 or whatever - toast themselves

A kick in the balls to your friend's 'happening' disco plans

Here's how it went:
We made 2 teams of 9, each had 4 players already too drunk to tell which end of the bat to hold, 2 players seemingly in the middle of an earthquake, 2 free loaders and 1 sober member to try and maintain some sort of decorum

and off we went
Drink & Drive

Something amiss? The keeper had beer to finish

Don't argue with a drunk's bat

A drunk abuses the umpire. Ricky does that sober.


Unknown said...

Was the umpire drunk? Steve Davis would have had company...

Sujan said...

It's been ages even I haven't played a Gully cricket match of this sort.

You made me remember those nice days in Coorg.. Always felt like I was playing in NZ rather than India.

Subash said...

Classic. Trip down memory lane. Good one Praful.

pRAFs said...

EVERYONE was drunk!

believe me, it had been ages since i had held a bat. Man, some night it was.