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Our next revenge match is against Sri Lanka.

by Bored Guest

It was during the 2007 World Cup that we watched Jim Carry’s 23. It was a weird movie and I liked it. Everybody said our match against Sri Lanka on March 23 was a bad thing. I thought that was weird and I also liked it. When Sri Lanka made only 250 odd I thought we would get them easily. Even though I have done well as an opener, I have always said I am a middle order player, so Greg made me bat at No.3. That is neither middle-order or opening. Greg was weird but I didn’t like him. I think even Greg didn’t like Greg.

When we chased 250 we had a bad start but I was hitting the ball well. Anyway I don’t want to talk more about that game. But like the Bangladesh game when we play Sri Lanka it will be a revenge match. They are very lucky we are not playing them in the first round. Otherwise I would have made sure no quarter finals for them.

Whenever we play them, quarters, semis, finals, it will be a revenge match for us. I want to not only bat 50 overs against them but also bowl 10 overs.

There are many differences from 2007 and now: Both Dilshan and I open the batting now. Arnold and Dada are in commentary. Dravid and Jayasuriya are not in the team. This time there is a quarter final on March 23 but it is in Mirpur, Bangladesh. India will play its quarter finals in India. So even March 23 cannot help Sri Lanka this time.

I also know that both Sachin and MS will make more runs than they did in 2007.

Your man,

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