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Mohali is calling moi

by Gaurav Sethi

MO-HA-LI is calling
With the lights wide open
And the nights wide open
MO-HA-LI is calling moi

On the edge of
some desert western town
is the town's pride

MO-HA-LI is calling
On the edge of the fourth day

On the edge of some western town
is the Town's Pride hotel
so close to gate no. 5
that old man can walk right in

be in before the gates are open
and the lights are off
just to stand in the centre
like some old baseball pro
soak it in, soak it in

MO-HA-LI is calling
on the edge of the fourth day
MO-HA-LI is calling moi
you better go boy
you better go boy

Can't take no for an answer
drive in that yellow new mitsubushi lancer

And the road winds around
And the eyes round around

You get a first sighter
on the edge of town
You get a first sighter
On the edge of the fourth day

there is nothing to play for
there is so much to play for
the win already happened
the win never happened

MO-HA-LI MO-HA-LI is calling moi

And i soar above my seat
like a wave from M0-HI-CO

MO-HA-LI is calling moi

(written on victory eve here, when India beat Australia in Mohali, reposted, after we beat them again and booked the Mohali ticket - Mohali is calling most Indians, pity it doesn't seat that many)

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