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Leave letter

by RajaB


A dazed fan
In Dubai


Whomsoever concerned
In the Middle East

Dear Sir / Madam,

As I am suffering from a victory, something we’ve been waiting for since 1983, And hence I am unwell and I wouldn't be able to attend office tomorrow.

In fact I am well, well enough that I shouted my way around Meena Baazar and a good half of Bur Dubai. All I remember was cars, jammed all over the place. People trying to get a good click of what was happening around.

Victory is sweet, but has a very distinct aftertaste. It is so personal that I can only describe it as a rum flavor, a very heady woody taste, one of those Australian rums. Normally I would want to go to sleep with that little too much of a aftertaste in the back of my tongue, this time around I can’t call this an aftertaste nor could I even get some time to recount.

It was a flash… I never wanted to go overboard, do something that would spoil my day tomorrow at office. But my friends wouldn’t let me do that, they made me go mad, in fact Gambhir helped them do that. So did Sachin, Kohli and even Dhoni. Of all people I never expected Dhoni to go crazy,

I mean do things right. The way they messed up things, I can’t even recollect what I did, and how things happened. All I know now is that I’m feeling heady, feel like many rounds down. God knows how many, may be my friend I don’t know who. But whoever was there with me yesterday knows.

I don’t think I would be able to justice to work tomorrow if I did manage to report. Like Ravi Shastri’s tracer bullet, I might be short sighted. Or it could be one of those lose motioned rectums like Sanjay Manjrekar, which would only see one side of the pot. And personally I wouldn’t want to be someone like Rameez Raja, not knowing the difference between betting and batting.

So I would want to sleep tomorrow off, dream that Sachin would win his final match and worldcup next time around also. I’m sure I have said too much, like always. I’m very tired so please give holiday, tomorrow only and I would only come and work double time day after.

I promise you I would make things work like I have been for the past years I have been working with you. In fact I will try more than that, to work things even better.

The parade in Meena Bazaar was spectacular today, I wish we don’t have things like this everyday. It takes time to reach my regular Malayalee food joint if it is this crowded and Unni doesn’t mind me when I reach the place.

I’m sure by now you have made your mind up to give me leave. Leave me sir please.

Yours faithfully,

A drunk lord


Unknown said...

Ahh, imagery of Dubai. I wish so badly that I was there...

Govind Raj said...

Super Post !

tracerbullet007 said...

by the way, how does Ravi Shastri always get to comment during India's winning moments?

Gaurav Sethi said...

Kickass Raja.

Blessy said...

Hey we love your post. We'd like to feature it on DNA Around The Blog Page. Hope you don't mind :)

RajaB said...

@Blessy: As long as we have the Bored name on, we are fine... Please go ahead

RajaB said...

Thank you all... Looks like we'll be drinking till the next world cup :-) Cheers !!

RajaB said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Viswanathan said...

Thanks I was scratching my head to prepare a good leave letter. May I use it? Of course will carry the BCCI byline.:)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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