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What is Paul Valthaty

by bored cricket crazy indians

This is an open thread, let's get some closure on P Valthaty

And while yr at it here is BoredCricket on twitter on Paul Valthaty

Valthaty to get half of the orange cap

girl fan of Valthaty - Nahiiin, mein teri bachche ki maa nahin ban sakti #HitThere #ipl

Valthaty - the next small thing from the ipl

Valthaty mein Gilli ka khoon hai

20 years later - "On April 16th, I was sure I could play like bc mc shots" -paul valthaty

Valthaty has the luck of the...Valthaty.

Valthaty having trouble putting bad balls away. Hallmark of a class cricketer

His cricket aside, the name Valthaty -Val-tha-ty sits well on even the most annoying commentators - say it -Val-tha-ty

Valthaty comes 2 the party. Where's the fucking booze n babes. Hit me!

Valthaty is just like Sehwag, no feet #ShastriRemix

Valthaty 20 years later - it was the summer of 2011, felt like I was playing cricket for the first time

You got a cartoon idea for Paul Valthaty? Will he play for Mumbai? Will he ever play with Sachin? Should he play for India in T20? Should he captain the West Indies? This is still an open thread, shoot

1 comment:

Poshin_david said...

He WONT EVER see himself in the Indian colours. That I'm sure....

Here's my take on the guy.