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Delhi Daredevils in IPL 2014

by Gaurav Sethi

"This year I'm not listening to anyone -
Delhi Daredevils will RETAIN 4 Players #$@%"


Bored Kumar said...

its a wonder to me still why (a) the players were not retained to start off with and (b) that not enough people spoke about the issue..there was no clarification on not retaining the big players or failing to sign bhatia, sangwan or manhas who went to other franchises...and for the love of fast bowlers for some strange a delhi fan i have been more disappointed with that than the performance...

Gaurav Sethi said...

BK, they were foolish, that's my reason.

Bhatia's been good for KKR, and Manhas occasionally for Pune, both with plenty of 1st class exp, and winning performances for DD in the past - yet, they blow their money on Umesh Yadav.

They've got the wrong guys in charge, add to that a spineless captain. Sehwag would have been better off playing for another franchise.

Btw enjoyed reading yr five point inspiration.