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Whistle Blower

by Aditya

My team has lost a crucial match recently and are about to play a virtual quarter final match against a team at their home ground.

In the previous match my batsmen struggled to cope with the surface and posted a below par score and were completely outplayed by the opposition (The average 1st inning score over 6 matches in this tournament at the venue has been 130).

For the above said virtual quarter final match the home team has a very formidable record at their home venue and have even beaten the best team of the tournament as well quite easily ( Average 1st inning  score over 5 matches in this tournament at the venue has been 131)

My team’s best chance to win the game is to play on a flat wicket as the opposition doesn’t have the fire power to match my team in such conditions.

I am heading the organisation that runs the tournament as well where I can influence many decisions and can get away with it as there is no transparency.

My team is the defending champion and not making the top 3 of the tournament will have a huge revenue loss for me and not making the top 4 would be seen as an under achievement for my team as well.

Next on My agenda: Shifting a couple of playoff games from the home ground of the best team in the tournament which will make life a lot easier for my team.  

Yours truly:

For the Article - Hat-tip to the chief architects of Spinners
and D*F IPL


crownish said...

Dear NS,
Virtual QF? three games left with two at home. And why wait till it's so obvious and against the home ground of your biggest nemesis who will at least have someone still afraid of him if not loyal to him? Why such a dumb move after years of smooth maneuvering?
Most importantly, why go through this trouble for a good team, it's not as if earlier this week was the first set back you ever faced.

Big CSK fan
You really do c

Anonymous said...

Yeah this is the same team that beat the so called "best team of the tournament" in the IPL last year, in their very home ground to claim the title.

And FYI everytime CSK has met KKR in Eden Gardens, it is the SUper Kings who have won.

CSK have been in worse situations than this before and they have come out trumphs. Thank you very much.

Aditya said...

@Anonymous :

CSK won 2010 IPL on DY Patil, a neutral ground on paper. MI played its home matches at Brabourne Last year.

CSK has lost a match against KKR at the eden gardens just a week ago.They scored 114 in 20 overs and 15/2 in first six overs on a slow pitch.

I am not doubting CSK's ability here, just saying N Srinivasan is the President-elect and this happened.

Aditya said...


Assuming RR defeated CSK on a low and slow pitch, even if they won their two matches at home they would have needed to defeat B'lore in B'lore to be sure of a place in Playoffs, as by then RR would have had 13 points in 11 matches and given the lopsided nature of this years IPL, even 8 wins would NOT have ensured a place in the playoffs! CSK would have been left with 12 points in 11 games at 5th position. And RCB and RR having Odd points also doesn't help CSK's case when equal wins are there.( no need for NRR)

As you very well know even finishing 3/4th will not ensure a bigger slice of the pie( CL T20), but finishing 1st/2nd does! It is not as if CSK have won all IPL's till now, he has his business interest in place and wants to ensure maximum profit for his business :)

Well Srinivasan was never in a position of power (President, President-elect) or was running the show in the IPL(Remember,LKM).

Anonymous said...

sore losers enough said mumbai is better than rr

Adhithya said...

Cry Much kiddo?

3 Semi Finals,1 IPL,1 Champions League.

You think we would require to influence the wicket to beat a hapless RR team?

That must be some good $hit you are smoking :)

Anonymous said...

Pitch cannot decide who will win the match. On that who play well, they will win. Don't blame others when we loose.

Anonymous said...

cricket crazy.

Anonymous said...

Best Team..haha...the so called best team - Mumbai Indians has the worst performance record this year getting all out for less than 100 runs. Even with Sachin, MI is pathetic.

SV said...

I am not the busiest person in the world and I also spend time reading some crap. But still feel I wasted my 5 minutes reading this crybaby shtick.